Let’s face it, workouts can be boring. The machines are sort of confusing and the gym atmosphere isn’t for everyone. Some people just really hate working out. So what do you do if you’re one of those people but want to be fit? Believe it or not, there are options out there! You just have to find what’s right for you. You can start with this list of the best exercises for people who hate working out. They don’t involve reps, sets, or stepping foot on a treadmill, promise.

  1. Hiking: If you hate the stale, sweaty air of a gym, going for a hike is a great option. It’s a great full-body workout that is low-impact and incredibly meditative so your mind gets a little workout too! You can find hiking trails near you online or by using an app. You’ll enjoy the crisp, fresh air and it’s a nice distraction from all the noise of your day. You’ll probably even forget you’re exercising. Plus, the photo-ops are almost worth it all on their own. Bring a friend and make an afternoon of it!

2. Dance Fitness: Have you tried Zumba? It’s actually really fun, especially if you bring a gal-pal that you can be silly with. Dancing is an amazing cardio workout and there are so many dance styles that you’re sure to find the right one for you. You definitely won’t be staring at the clock waiting for the time to pass if you’re jamming out to your favorite tunes. Many gyms have dance fitness classes or you can find a video and do it from home!

3. Adult Sport Leagues: Were you an all-star volleyball or softball player in high school? Even if you weren’t any good at sports, joining an adult sport league could be a ton of fun. You’ll meet new people or it could be an excuse to be around the people you already enjoy. You’ll get a great workout every week and you’ll have a team to keep you accountable. Plus, there’s usually beer—hopefully light beer.

4. Pilates: If you’re craving a low-impact workout that promotes body awareness and core strength, then look no further than Pilates. It’s easy on the joints, builds flexibility, and helps improve posture. Your balance will improve and it’ll strengthen a mind and body connection. You’ll gain muscle without having to lift any weights.

5. Water Sports: You don’t have to swim laps (although you totally could) in order to exercise in the water. Swimming is a low-impact, full-body workout that’s great for anyone with joint pain. You can try paddle boarding or kayaking as well. A nice long swim or paddle lets you elevate your heartrate without putting too much strain on your joints. Plus, it’s relaxing and fun. You’ll probably forget you’re even working out!

You’ll have so much fun doing these workouts you’ll forget that’s what they are! It’s about finding a way to stay active that suits your lifestyle. In our busy lives, getting a good workout in can be tough, especially if you dislike traditional exercise. Find an something that works for you!