Family time is probably the most important time of the day. After the hustle and bustle of school and work, dinner and cleanup, it can be hard to find the time to be active and be together. When you want to get a great workout in but the kids need you too, the push and pull can be overwhelming. A great way to do both is to incorporate some fun family activities that double as a great workout for everyone! Whether you’re inside or out, there are plenty of activities that everyone will love and that are sure to get that heartrate up!


Indoor Activities

Regardless of your location, the weather isn’t always conducive for outdoor activities. You can still get a great workout with the whole family inside your house. You’ll have fun doing it too!

  • Turn TV Commercials into Fitness Fun: No one likes watching the commercials and, even if you have a DVR, you can turn the commercial break into fun fitness. Come up with fun and silly names for the exercises that go along with the show you’re watching like, Mickey’s Muscle Building push-ups. You can also take turns playing “coach” and ordering each other to “drop and give me 5.”


  • Spontaneous Dance Party: A fun way to get down and get silly with the kids is to have random dance parties. Maybe whenever music plays on a commercial or show you spend a little time dancing. You could also surprise your kids with loud music that’ll bring them out of their rooms to find you dancing in the kitchen. They’re sure to join in!


  • Turn Housework into a Game: No, seriously. This will work. You can spend time together, get some exercise, AND clean the house. Plus it’ll be fun! Sweeping the kitchen and bathroom can easily become a game of floor hockey. Fold the piles of laundry into a defense wall and throw socks at each other. You can really get creative and the kids will enjoy the time together and you’ll cross some things off your never-ending list! Win-win!


Outdoor Activities

Here’s where you can really enjoy some time together and be active. The outdoor activities are really endless. You can get creative to liven up your outdoor time. Plus, as a bonus, your kids will get some fresh air!


  • Go for a Walk: Not just any walk will do. Take the dog along and turn your ordinary walk into a scavenger hunt. Look for things that stand out but are easy to find—cool shaped rocks, biggest stick, strangest bug. Your kids will want to keep walking as they search for the next object. Just make sure to check pockets before you wash the laundry or you’ll wash a pocket full of rocks!
  • Good, Old-Fashioned Yard Games: Tag! You’re it! Chase those kiddos around the yard or park. There are tons of variations on tag too so you can change it up. I’m sure your kids know of new tag renditions you’ve never heard of! A game of kickball is a great way to get outside and get active with your family too! A little competition never hurt anyone!


  • Go for a Bike Ride: If your children are little they can use scooters or tricycles. They’ll love a fun ride through the neighborhood. You can also use this time to chat with your kids. This is a great way to get your kids familiar with your neighborhood as well. It’s always a good idea to have your kids aware of their surroundings.

It’s not always easy balancing parenting, fitness, work, quality time, and you time. By combining some of those things like family time and fitness your kids will stay active, get tired out, and you’ll have some extra time at the end of the night for a nice glass of wine!