The Club Yoga

The Club Yoga

All Classes Open to the Public


Our Yoga program is filled with varied options and class formats. All classes, all levels – no kidding! No worries if you are new to yoga, we will help you to learn and grow during each class. There will be no competition and no judgement. You don’t even need to wear a cute outfit (but you can if you want)! Many of our seasoned yogi’s attend each one of our classes from beginner to advanced. What a great way to maintain a healthy and well balanced practice. You will learn how to breathe deeper, clear your mind, and strengthen your body. You will soon embrace your time and space on your yoga mat. Yoga can help to regulate and maintain normal body function from reducing blood pressure, stress, cleansing of your internal organs, and a healthy spine. These are just a few of the amazing benefits that you may receive from your practice.

Please follow our link to view our current Yoga schedule and our class descriptions!

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